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Lament for Spilt Porter

This book is part discussion, part memoir, and admittedly a nostalgic look back at family during an era that is no more. Lament grew out of two articles I had published years ago--"Enie" in the Ottawa Citizen, December, 2000, and "On Faith, Meaning and Nothingness," February, 2007, in the National Post. Re-reading these articles in recent years (they are included in selected writings) galvanized my lifetime angst about loss, meaning, and what to do about that pesky lingering detail called death, that it seems we all have to face.

Not content with tying myself into a knot these past few years, I a writing a follow up to Lament for Spilt Porter, this time substituting family for the cast of characters I have had the privilege of working with as director of the disability centre at Carleton for 30 years. I would not be my angst ridden self without individual stories tied to implications for faith and meaning. In my self-defence, I do think that the human connections we make from the infinitesimally insignificant perch of our small pithy lives, may actually have something big to say. On some level I think we know this to be true, but modernity increasingly convinces us to deny the barely audible echo of self-evident truth for the scream of fashionable nothingness. The working title is Inarticulate Speech of the Heart.